Wednesday, January 27, 2010

so many visions, only one lifetime!

Well, one of the happy results of getting into this Artist's Way process has been that I've got all kinds of ideas bubbling away and not enough time to do them all.  But that's a good kind of problem to have, at least if you're my kind of temperament.

As I'm looking at a couple of different options, I am getting a really attractive picture of a couple alternatives.  Of course, life throws surprises at us, but I would like to have more of a goal-setting structure for myself too, so here are my thoughts.

Option one looks like this: stay in Austin, find more ways to enjoy my current work and potentially decrease the hours of the job without reducing too much of the income while bolstering the good networking and art opportunities that have started already here.  Take part in EAST, do more figure painting, get even better connected to the dog rescue organizations in town and do more art-and-craft based fundraising for them.  Plan for trips out to California for family time but also fit in some "just for me and my dog" travel.

Option two looks like this: take the interesting new job in San Francisco (which has a lot to do with art - it's all about a product where people create virtual worlds), rent a storefront live/work space in Vallejo (which is incredibly cheap and about to undergo some exciting growth) where I can do my own art and also host events, workshops and fundraisers on the weekends as well as have a bookshop / coffee shop set up if I want to!  I could take the lovely ferry boat right to within a 1/2 mile of the SF office and on the weekends, I'd be smack dab between Marin and Napa, two of my fave places.  Plus, when I checked out AA meetings in Vallejo, I really enjoyed them.  Good peeps.  Plus, my wonderful former painting teacher and artist Gary Stutler lives in Vallejo.

So, it's fun to think about these things.  Wonder what will happen?!  I am supposed to hear from the San Fran people today to set up a time to go back out there for round 2 interviews. 

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