Monday, February 25, 2013

Deterred or Determined?

- from Robin

Even when things are going well in the studio, there can be so many other things that intrude upon creativity or cause you to question your work.
How do you deal with those?
A buyer is dissatisfied with a painting they bought, a gallery doesn't pay you for sales, old paintings sit around your studio challenging your new works, or sales are so low you wonder why you keep making new art.

I find these issues undermine mine confidence but sometimes they also serve as an impetus. When things are going badly in other areas, being able to pour yourself into your art can let you play ostrich for awhile. And also maybe stretch yourself.

If you are like me, maybe these frustrations can drive you to the easel with more determination than ever. As if to "show them" that they are wrong and to prove to yourself that you are worthy. Our self worth is so wrapped up in our art, and each piece it like a little part of us going out into the world to be judged. Don't let set backs deter you! Go back to your work and remember why you do it. Do it for yourself if for no other reason. Maybe you will create your next big thing.

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