Tuesday, January 19, 2010

artist's date

Can a pedicure count as an artist's date? I confess to being rather blocked on this book. I think my creative blocks are all external truthfully. So not only am I having a hard time finding the time to read and do the exercises, but when I do read, I feel like its not relevant.
I don't have the negative voice inside telling me that I can't succeed, but I have plenty of interference and indifferent support externally.
My six year old has been really difficult and I am not sure if its the age or the something else going on. My husband tends to see the glass half empty when I have ideas to promote my work or invitations to do things. I feel deflated. I am surprised actually that things are so emotionally trying at home now and that I haven't been able to paint for so long. Those of us with family, kids, significant others, pets, parents, etc. that require lots of support know how draining it can be to creative energy.
The positive side of this is that we caretakers have such influence on the lives of those around us. And nothing is more important (and sometimes creative!) than training my child to be healthy, happy, productive adult. So while the art languishes, I see my daughter making strides in her development. And I can try to help my husband see that glass as more full than empty if I remain positive, right?

-- Robin

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Joshua Kadtke said...

Hey Robin,
As part of my "artist date" I ordered, along with my copy of AW, the book Seven Days in the Art World. On my dates I've spent time reading a chapter or two of this, over a cup of coffee. This part has been great although I have to agree with you on the external factors of being blocked. I don't find it hard to be creative, it's harder to find TIME to be creative. My "me time" as I call it is pushed between other obligations such as work, family, and friends. These are the only things I have targeted as "blocks" or "intrusions" yet that is my life so needless to say they can't be dramatically changed. I'm going to keep going with it, but I'm glad to hear your thoughts as well. Pages 52-56 I did find inspiring, with the thought on paying attention to the moment we are in! Best of luck.

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