Wednesday, February 3, 2010

chapter 4: recovering sense of integrity

This week I am struggling to get my ideas onto canvas. I have worked through whole paintings only to be disappointed with the results. Then I start over. Its as if I forgot how to put the paint down. And then I start thinking "what is the right way to do this?"
As artists, we all know there isn't a "right way" - I mean beyond the technical specs of the paint and surface, there isn't a single correct way to create a painting. People use anything from a size 1 brush to slinging paint to express themselves. So why am I thinking there is a method that I am missing. I keep looking at other artists I admire and wonder, how did they do that? Where did they start? What was on their palette?
I don't think this is a sense of recovering integrity. Though I am dedicating more time to my artwork and creativity. I am trying to focus and work even though I feel like a beginner.
And why do I feel that way? Is it because of my long break? Or am I on the cusp of something new and improved?
Lets hope for the latter. I want to improve and grow.

-- Robin

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Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I've only read these three most recent entries so far but I really relate to what you're discussing (especially the creative ebb and flow stuff, and forgetting your own voice). I hope to (need to, should!) follow along with you and Kate. Thanks for this blog.

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