Sunday, January 24, 2010

at long last

Well, I'm finally back here on this blog at long last. This last few weeks has been full of crazy surprises and my notion of how much time I'd have for Artist's Way work really was thrown. In any case, this little dog is the latest in a series and they are my creative joy at the moment. The colors and fabrics are totally energizing me right now - once I get an idea of how things might go together I get a little obsessive about finishing so I can SEE!

Despite my neglect of the book, the best thing about setting out on this little journey has been connecting with Robin on a regular basis - what a stellar and inspiring and kind person. I think the regularity is, hopefully, training my subconscious that I am taking my artist self seriously enough to nurture and invest in her.

The biggest quandary in mind for me is whether to stay in Austin or head back to San Francisco Bay Area. There are so many things to weigh, including family, cost, jobs, weather, and my artist life. And although I do love my family, the artistic things happening for me in Austin are the kind of things I've always wanted to have happen. Perhaps it's the artsy grassroots nature of Austin itself, helped along by a much lower cost of living. But I think it's also a personality that is drawn to living here - everyone I meet doing art seems to have a proclivity toward collaboration and generosity.

This is the issue I'm doing my best to put in the "God box" and not worry to death. In the meantime, I need to get back to morning pages starting tomorrow.

As for artist dates, I have had some great "camera safaris" with Lulu at various parks as well as great outings to Goodwill stores to look for fabrics and things.
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