Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday, while my daughter was in Sunday school, I went to Buckies (Starbucks - conveniently close to church) and read and wrote my morning pages. I was struck by a part in chapter 2 where the author talks about being awake to the now - to being open and observant. I think it might help me explain my work. I sometimes struggle with statements because I am not trying to depict things that are great causes, solutions, drama, etc. - I don't have some deep and meaningful reason to paint what I do. The only thing I can offer is that I like to paint what I see, what I enjoy and what gives me comfort. I am just sharing my observations. And in reading this bit, I felt that its a good thing and it is who I am. So while the world might be in chaos, and at home we might be struggling with job, illness, angst, confusion and loss, I can be awake to the simple things, the now, which is all we can really control.

At any rate, I felt that it was something of a vindication for my dislike of artist statements! And it helped me figure out how to explain myself. Having finished there, I went back to church and got my daughter for services at 11. The text was about baptism and it was very interesting... another form of awakening / rebirth.
-- Robin

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Kate said...

I love this insight! I know I've read some very inspiring things about artists like you (and me, actually) who relish observation and some degree of realism. I'll try to dig them up.

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