Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ebb and flow and the pas de deux

I'm quiet for a week and then suddenly have all kinds of things to write about.
Today I had an artist's date of sorts and went to a Studio Spotlight at Ballet Austin. Dancers performed some pieces from the new production, The Bach Project. It was quite interesting and a nice "teaser" for the real thing. I would like to go more regularly to the ballet, and symphony, and so on, but ticket prices are so high!
But that is another topic. What I am thinking of tonight is one of Stephen Mills (artistic director) comments at the end when asked by an audience member about his creative process. It was quite interesting to learn about how another artist might develop something so complicated as a dance.
To me it seems impossible. As does writing music. But many elements are based on classical ballet, or classical music. They are modified and tried in new ways. And it is a process to develop, just like in painting.
I was somewhat surprised too to learn that some days Mills said he might work until 2 a.m. when things are flowing... and on other days, he wanders around with nothing to do because he cannot force creativity.
Quang Ho, famously talented painter, even had a post on his Facebook page about the time and struggle even he experiences in the creation process.
So, it seems that in all genres creativity can ebb and flow. Its nice to know that I am not alone, not in the visual art world or among the larger pool of creatives working to express themselves and beautify our world.

-- Robin

ps - talk about bumping up against deadlines... Stephen Mills said he'd just finished the ballet last week! And only got the music for one piece very recently too.

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