Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Something I read in the previous chapter talked about criticism. Ms. Cameron meant unsolicited comments or reviews, but it made me think of critiques we artists often seek out.
I think its important for artists to get feedback, but its equally important that the feedback be from safe sources.
I have a small group of other artists and family who I can count on to give me encouraging, thoughtful critiques. My advice to other artists is to have select group also and not get into group situations in a studio or class where the abilities and communication skills of the other critics might be questionable.
You want feedback that you can work with. Not just praise either. If you are questioning a work and don't like it, then its good to get someone else's perspective. They can maybe lead you to what is wrong. We see the painting for so long that we might miss the fact that one color is distracting or that a hand looks like a rack of beef.
So choose your critics wisely and in turn, offer genuine critiques yourself.

-- Robin

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