Monday, April 19, 2010

enthusiasm is grounded in play, not work

I recently decided that I would drop off the Daily Painter's Gallery blog. My work has been appearing on there for many years and I would have to say that much of my early success in the blogsphere was due to exposure there. So it was hard to decide to not participate. Its probably not that big a deal, but I have felt pressure to "perform" because of the expectation the online gallery creates. I haven't been painting those small paintings though I do paint daily. Most of my work is focused on gallery pieces. And sometimes, too much on that.

When reading chapters 8 and 9 the last couple of weeks, I was struck by this -
"The discipline itself, not the creative outflow, becomes the point."
I know some artists, especially since this "daily painting" phenomenon, believe they cannot stop, that they have to paint/produce something every day - especially in order to sell on their blogs.

I think that some artists who do the "daily paintings" can get stuck in a rut, or put out work that is not the best just for the sake of being seen... I don't want to do that. I do not want to judge a work by whether its "good enough for the blog" or "good enough for $100."

Since the new year, and beginning this book, I've relaxed a lot in my work and allowed myself to change gears, to experiment a little more, and to focus on what I love. So it seems logical to remove the pressure to create something to meet other's expectations.

"That part of us that creates best is not a driven, disciplined automation, functioning from willpower, with a booster of pride to back it up. Over any extended period of time, being an artist requires enthusiasm more than discipline."

- Robin


Nora Kasten said...

I certainly agree with you.

susan moss said...

wow!!! I applaud you for your honesty on this blog and also for remembering why you paint and staying true to that. I love your work and bought one of your pieces at the Dutch Art show. btw - did my first live event painting last night. Didn't finish it either and it was exhausting but somewhat of a rush. Your comments on LEP were insightful for me. thank you!

Susan Moss

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