Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moving On

Well I did finish the book. And I was certainly inspired by much of the wisdom it contained though like I've said before, it seemed geared towards those "closet" artists who have ignored or hidden their creativity and want to start to explore it again.
When I began the reading and exercises, it was after going through another of those blocks where just nothing sparked for me and I needed help working through the block. Those blocks come and go for all of us creative types and we all need some inspiration, ideas and support to get through them.
That brings me to my point here. I am going to make this blog more geared towards just that. A forum for many artists to share some ideas, be they specific to working through or accepting a block, or ideas for managing time, business tips, and other things to get our creative juices flowing. I have asked some and will approach more artists to join me here and share with us.
So join me and your fellow creatives and share any ideas you care to contribute! I will post things with links back to the contributors and certainly give all due credit. And look for it us Facebook, I will create a page for us there.
Keep in touch!
-- Robin

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