Friday, September 17, 2010

Creating Challenges

Today I wanted to talk about the idea of the monthly challenge group I am involved in. The very creative Diana Moses Botkin decided to get a group of artists together to focus on a certain challenging theme each month. She can tell us later about the particulars of her choices and such, but I wanted to just talk about how good the challenges have been for me personally.
For one thing, I find that every time I approach my easel I feel this pressure to create a masterpiece. I treat every start as "precious" and I don't allow myself to play or experiment enough. The challenges have been that for me - a chance to paint a subject I wouldn't normally do, or use a palette I haven't tried. It helps to loosen me up and relax and get the creative juices flowing. I've really enjoyed it and I've found that those experiments influence my "precious" pieces and give them new life.
So I encourage anyone to try the same thing - sometimes a small group is necessary to get yourself motivated and committed! Team up with an artistic friend or small group, pick something obscure and different to do and loosen up.
-- Robin Cheers

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