Tuesday, March 2, 2010

halfway mark

We are supposedly halfway through the book. Week 6. I am very curious to have some comments left by those that have worked through the book. I hear a lot of people say its "the best book," but I don't know how it helped or changed their creative situations.
Was it like a bolt of lightening? Was it more a subtle shift? Did the exercises develop into a new way of approaching your art?
Do you remember the path and implement them regularly, or do you need a refresher course every few years?
Comment here and share your experiences. Thanks!
-- Robin


dance of the spider said...

Robin I first came accross this book about 15 years ago. I still do the morning writing and every so often I go back to the book for a refresher. This book is what gave me the courage to paint. Prior to reading this book I wouldn't even allow myself to try. When I get stuck these practices allow me to pick up the brush and just play without worrying about outcome.

Lisa Daria said...

This book pointed out that being a creative is an important pursuit, something not to be ignored if one so desires.

I don't do the morning pages anymore, I changed it to a morning (sometimes afternoon) painting instead! And I do still buy myself artists gifts! I love that!

Nancie Johnson said...

I credit this book with jump-starting my art again after an 8-10 year hiatus. I'm not so sure I would have picked up painting again without it. I no longer do the morning pages, but I keep the book handy so I can re-review when I feel the need. I may not get a painting a day done, but I strive to have "art-time" as often as I can during the week.

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