Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily or Not To Daily - That Is the Question

from Robin Cheers

This morning I gave myself a stern talking to and I think it worked. I had to remind myself to stop trying to paint a masterpiece and paint because I love to paint. To enjoy the process. I think I almost get stage fright thinking that I have an audience watching and waiting. Like I have to perform.
I think that is a drawback of the online art community. We created a wonderful network for artists, but we also created a daily drama that requires constant upkeep and checking in lest we be forgotten.
I have to think in terms of "painting daily" not "(a) daily painting."
Painting daily means keeping my eyes open, working my creative muscles, seeing beyond the obvious and looking for beauty. And letting it come to me. It doesn't mean I am required to paint a painting every single day and offer it for sale. Right?


Karen Martin Sampson said...

You are correct! Do not be overwhelmed by the notion that you must create a new painting every day. It is good practice but nobody is going to berate you for not keeping it up every single day. I paint most days but do not attempt, usually, to finish something the same day. I tend to work slowly and like to savor each stage...or be frustrated with that stage! Good way to express all the variety of emotions! Anyway, just enjoy the process and do what you can. Try not to think about the "audience" out there. Everyone is nervous and struggling along to do their best, just like you, and most of us are willing cheerleaders not mean spirited critics! You are doing just fine.

Kate Merriman said...

Very insightful, Robin! I know that feeling and find it helpful to unplug every now and again. I love that "painting daily" and not "(a) daily painting."

Elizabeth Destouches said...

I quite agree. A blog can create a certain pressure to perform. But once we are painters, we can't help but be creative every day, even if we're not actually painting. There are other creative pursuits that all come out in our next painting, I think.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

My painting today is pretty disappointing to me, which happens. Maybe I'll show it at my blog and maybe not. I thought I was going to paint a masterpiece (haha)... I'd been thinking about it a long time and thought I had the right idea for something unique. It's more like Elvis on velvet, though.

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