Saturday, December 11, 2010

Alla Prima or else!

from Robin Cheers and The Artist's Magazine

I have this problem with coming back to a painting that is unfinished. I generally don't and my studio is littered with unfinished paintings. I really have to be in the moment with the work or I totally lose the inspiration and motivation. I try to time things so I don't have to leave a work unfinished, but I just read this little tip that might help me get back in the groove if I do have to stop work mid-painting.

Tip File: Taking Note
The following is an excerpt from the December 2010 issue of The Artist's Magazine, in an article titled "32 Insider Tips."

Pauline Roche, two-time finalist in our Annual Art Competition, has this tip to share: "Sometimes when I step into my studio to continue working on a piece from the previous day, getting my thoughts back to where they were the day before can take a while. To help me get to work faster, at the end of a painting session I jot down a few notes about things I might be thinking about doing next ("soften edge of left arm" or "make background a bit more opaque"). Somehow, having a specific task or two gives me a kick start toward getting back into the flow of things." —Pauline Roche

To read the entire article, click here and order The Artist's Magazine's December 2010 issue.

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vickiandrandyrossart said...

I only wish for the day when I can paint back to back days! However, MyArtTutor will more than make up for this past year of lost painting days!

off to paint December's Challenge for Moses Botkin! I scheduled a painting day.

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