Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Feeling uninspired? Has the joy of creating disappeared? You could be resisting a transition. You may fear losing collectors, fear rejections, or fear the unknown and the unfamiliar. More fearful than any of these is the truth that blocking yourself from experiencing the transition can drag you into lethargy and methodically dull work.

Consider transition an adventure. If you allow yourself to experiment with a new idea or direction, an “aha” moment can lead you into exciting creativity. Remember, it’s the ideas that the great artists were considering that inspired them to do great work. Artists can not live on technique alone. Be open to not just what you see with your eyes, but read about everything. Get out and talk with people. Travel to a new location. Hear some new music. Go to museums…and not just art museums. And when something hits you powerfully, allow yourself to sketch, paint, and ponder your way through to a new level of creativity. Consider transitions adventure; the possibilities are exciting!

-- Terri M Wells
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